Mortgage Loan Is Withdrawn For The Plot Of Land For Sale

Housing prices are increasing day by day and consumers are struggling to buy lower-priced houses with alternative methods. In this context, one of the steps that can be taken in order to have lower-priced houses is to make requests to the land title apartments.

For consumers who have difficulty in gathering the necessary capital to be a homeowner, a mortgage loan is taken for the land title apartment, what should be paid attention to and derivative issues are very important.

What is Land Registry Housing


The deeds of the houses that can be offered for sale can be in two different forms, one of which is a land floored title deed, and the other is a land title deed. In order for the houses to have landed title deeds, they must be constructed in accordance with the license and with the necessary permits, subject to the settlement certificate.

If the occupancy certificate could not be obtained, that is, if the necessary permits and procedures could not be fulfilled, the title deed of the house in question has to remain as a title deed.

Housing Loan To The Land Registry


Deciding to own a house is indeed an important step, but when taking this step, it is useful to make a financial analysis. Because, if you want to buy a property with title deeds, it is possible to encounter some obstacles. If people do not have enough capital, it is very unlikely that they will use a mortgage loan for the apartment with the title of the land.

Why Not Giving Credit


As it is known, when the mortgage loan is wanted to be used, the first job of the banks is to carry out the mortgage procedures based on the relevant house.

During the period in which mortgage loan debt payments continue, all rights regarding the relevant housing can be transferred to the bank if the conditions are not fulfilled. However, since the land mortgage cannot be subject to the mortgage loan in land-titled houses, mortgage procedures cannot be applied, and due to this situation, which means to get out of the banking legislation, the land title housing cannot be granted loans.

If the land insists on the purchase of title deed housing and the use of mortgage loans, consumers can get a mortgage under the title deed housing that they want to buy a new residence. Mortgages must be given in order to get a mortgage loan, otherwise, it means going out of the legislation.

Is there a loan for housing under construction


If a loan request will be made for a house under construction, whether this house will be subject to the loan will vary depending on the title deed type and how much is over.

It has been stated above that no credit can be obtained for the land title houses. On the other hand, there is a possibility of credit withdrawal for houses with the easement.

If 80% of the housing is under construction, credit allocation may take place based on the documenting of this situation with an expert report. It is not possible to subject the completed construction to a mortgage loan, except for the use of loans under any construction project.

Is there a loan to the house that writes the land in the deed


Although a loan will be made for the houses in the project form, a loan request must be made through the bank branches that the construction company has an agreement with. Otherwise, it is possible to respond negatively to the loan application even if the loan will be used for project housing.


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